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Bodhi Sun Healing Center

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Madeline Connor C.M.T.

Madeline Connor has been active in the ancient healing arts for the past 13 years. She is a certified Acupressurist through the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, and Certified Massage Therapist through the East~West School of Massage in NYC. Her signature massage is an integration of Acupressure, Deep~Tissue, and Swedish, a holistic blend that aligns mind, body, and spirit. Madeline's quest for knowledge in the field of healing has taken her to Asia, where she lived, worked and studied for five years. During a sojourn through Thailand, she became certified in Thai Massage and following extensive training in Taoist practices became a certified teacher of Meditation and Tai Chi. Madeline is passionate about healing; her own, as well as that of all humanity, a fact conveyed through her love, enthusiasm and dedication to her chosen career.

Madeline offers Swedish Deep Tissue, Integrative, Hot Stones, Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Herbal Pack, Acupressure, Acu-Yoga, Prenatal Massage and Healing Meditation.

Melissa Paschall C.M.T.

Melissa Paschall is a Certified Massage Therapist and Acupressurist, having received her certification from the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley. Melissa is proficient in many bodywork modalities but is renowned for her special gift with energy healing. By integrating Acupressure, Swedish and Reiki for an all~inclusive treatment, Melissa's work alleviates not only physical discomforts, but also addresses the emotional and spiritual levels that underlie so many physical complaints. Melissa's bodywork practice is a life changing experience for many. Inspired by her husband and beautiful sons, her calm and loving nature enables her to balance a busy family life and a deep commitment to her work and community.

Melissa offers Swedish Deep Tissue, Integrative, Reiki, Tui Na, Acupressure.

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We specialize in a variety of massage styles and methods, let us help choose which is best for you.

       Bodhi Sun Healing Center was co-created by Madeline Connor and Melissa Paschall in July 2006. They came to the career path of bodywork from different directions but both chose their path because of personal healing experiences and a desire to do work that is spiritually fulfilling. Their diverse backgrounds in public health, dance, theater arts, and the corporate world have provided Madeline and Melissa with a great variety of life experiences to draw from in the development of a thriving and dynamic bodywork practice. Since Bodhi Sun's inception, the business has grown to include the full line of "Touch of Sun" medicinal herbs.

It is the intent of Madeline and Melissa to always provide their clients with the best bodywork sessions available, while helping them discover and create their own healing process. The diverse healing modalites offered, along with 20 years of combined experience, allow Bodhi Sun to cater to a variety of client needs.

Come visit and enjoy the beautiful and calm space Bodhi Sun has created.

Bodhi Sun Healing Center offers the following services. If you do not see your service listed, please contact us. Additional services may be available.

60 Minute Massage $120
90 Minute Massage $145
90 Minute Therapy Treatment $145
30 Minute Massage $45
60 Minute Massage $80
90 Minute Massage $110
Add to any Deep Tissue Massage
or Integrative Massage

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Please honor both our time and yours and note that appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% late charge. Subsequent appointments will require a credit card number to book.


"My experiences with Bodhi Sun Healing Center have mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually always been profoundly renewing, regenerating, and transforming, catapulting me into my next level of growth and awareness in very dynamic ways. I have always felt completely safe in every dimension of my being, no matter what comes up in my healing process, and in the quite, simply beautiful sacred environment at Bodhi Sun Healing Center. I always leave after a session feeling completely renewed and rejuvenated and deeply grateful!!! Thank you."

Walnut Creek

"I am writing this to thank you for your help with my neck and back problems. I started treatment sessions July of last year right before I went on vacation. I was totally amazed that after only my second visit, I started feeling better and I was able to enjoy my vacation pain free. After my holiday I continued on a weekly basis receiving massage and acupressure sessions at Bodhi Sun Healing Center. Soon I was feeling so much better I was able to come on a bi-monthly basis. It's like a miracle to me because I thought I was doomed to be in pain or on medication for the rest of my life. Now thanks to all of you I am able to live pain free! Thank you for the help with my problems. You can be assured that I will let others know how much you have helped me and that they too can feel better again."


"The treatments that I have received from Bodhi Sun Healing Center have left me feeling energized, balanced (emotional and physical), and very, very loved. The practitioners are respectful, caring and listen attentively with an open heart. It is easy to open up and surrender to whatever takes place in your healing rooms. I will continue to let the community know what awesome care is given here. It is really difficult to relieve a frozen shoulder and especially in the short amount of visits that I attended. Thank you for your exceptional work. I am convinced that all at Bodhi Sun Healing Center are gifted healers! Thank you."

Dean Phillips, D.C.
- Alma Bella Salon -
2363 Boulevard Circle, Suite 24   Walnut Creek, California 94595   (925) 938-4611
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